SEB Private Equity new majority owner of TAWI

SEB Private Equity is the new growth partner for TAWI.

The investment fund SEB Private Equity Opportunity III has invested in TAWI Holding AB and is now the new majority shareholder. SEB PE invests behind TAWI's leading position in an attractive niche market within material handling and will continue to support TAWI on its impressive growth trajectory and further internationalize its operations.

"We are convinced that SEB PE, with its heritage from being a part of SEB, provide valuable knowledge and expertise in enabling companies to expand globally and build robust organisations with focus on long-term values. SEB PE as a new owner will inject new energy to TAWI's already strong organisation and unique culture", says Leif Emblad, previous owner and member of the board of directors.

"With its strong market position and unparalleled customisation and solutions offering, TAWI is well positioned to further grow with new and existing customers and we strongly believe that SEB PE can offer the support needed to continue the company's growth story", says Magnus Ramström, Investment Director of SEB PE.

"I am very impressed with TAWI's organisation; innovative technical development combined with a clear sales focus and entrepreneurial culture. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with yet another astounding example of Swedish exporting industrial company that has established itself as a market leader within a global niche market", says Christer Nilsson, new Chairman of the board of TAWI Holding AB.

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Nyt TAWI Produkt - EasyGrip klemmeværktøj

Det nye ergonomiske EasyGrip værktøj kan bruges til at gribe og løfte forskellige emner i en lang række størrelser. Værktøjet er meget fleksibelt og kan installeres på vores ViperHoist wire talje. Værktøjet er fuldt mekanisk og integreret med taljen, du skal blot bruge knapperna på håndtaget for enhver bevægelse, såsom op/ned, grib og slip belastningen.

EasyGrip er meget let at bruge; bare sænke værktøjet ned på emnet og derefter når du begynder at køre værktøjet opad, vil det klemme på ement og løft den. Se video.